Men’s mental Health Advocate, Meditation, and Functional Recovery Facilitator.

Thanks for checking out my site; on here you’ll find a little bit more about me, what I’m all about, and my approach to meditation.

If your curious to learn more about meditation in a light hearted, educated, experienced, no BS approach; then you’ve found the right bloke. I don’t claim to know it all, but I’m keen to share what I have found effective for me and many others.

Whether you have an established meditation practice, or dipping your toe in; great. I specialize in teaching to both.

My approach is simple, effective and accessible to everyone. In a world that is filled with self-claimed experts, specialists; and self-help influencers that display “Illusion progress”. I’m just here to show you the tools that can make things just a fraction easier, with realistic expectation management.

Practice with me, publicly or privately, in a group, via distance, in-person, or in a c corporate setting. I’ll show you how to develop a unique set of meditation tools that work for YOU.

When I hear; "I can't meditate because ... [Inset excuse here]", I have to chuckle... seriously, are you too thirsty to drink?

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